Upload an Entire s3 Bucket/Local Directory to Another s3 Bucket From Node.js

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If he fits (in an s3 bucket, he sits (in an s3 bucket)

I have come across several requests wherein a team needs to upload an entire folder/source s3 bucket (that may contain subfolders) to another s3 bucket (destination).

We are all aware of the nice little AWS CLI command to complete the above task:

Bucket to bucket sync:

 s3 sync s3://srcBucket s3://destBucket 

Local folder to s3Bucket sync:

 s3 sync . s3://destBucket 

The problem is that when we would like to achieve the same result from a script rather than the command line, we find that none of the SDKs provided by AWS helps us achieve this.

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Some suggest using AWS’s data pipeline though I believe this is unnecessary when there is no transformation requirement.

So How do we go about this?

There is a node package — aws-cli-js.  You can read more about it here.

Use the following code:

var awsCli = require('aws-cli-js'); var Options = awsCli.Options; var Aws = awsCli.Aws; var options = new Options( /* accessKey */ CRED.accesskey, /* secretKey */ CRED.secretkey, ); var aws = new Aws(options); aws.command(' s3 sync s3://srcBkt s3://destBkt, function (err, data) { console.log('data = ', JSON.stringify(data.raw)); });

Note: Make sure to pass on the right credentials. We can use the callback method and process the results too. I hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts and anything that can be improved!

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